In the torrent of hate propaganda,
a tiny voice is speaking out for
decency and humanity and asking
others to join.   -

Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only
thing that ever has.   -  Margaret Mead

The First Steps
To A Better Future

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What others are saying:

It is one of the few peace initiatives that tries very carefully not to
blame anyone, not to be against, but to be "for." It is an idea that can
and should be supported by Palestinians and Israelis and their
partisans, and by friends of peace everywhere. In the torrent of hate
propaganda, a tiny voice is speaking out for decency and humanity
and asking others to join.
It is an idea that doesn't threaten anyone, doesn't detract from any of
your favorite peace projects. On the contrary, if this can be
developed into a mass movement, it will help to change the
atmosphere and synergize other efforts for peace. I can't understand
how anyone could possibly NOT be willing to help, but I am not naive
enough to suppose everyone will rush out to help.
Ami Isseroff

This is an important action with the potential to inspire a fair and
peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. The few who are
served by perpetuating this deadly conflict can be marginalized by the
many who are harmed by it, and are willing to speak out for an
equitable resolution. A popular mandate for peace, from all sides of
the conflict, is the first step towards a better and safer future for all.
Thank you for your efforts.
Steven Johnson
Sacramento, CA

Given the last four years, there is a drastic need to first acknowledge
and next overcome bitterness and hate on both sides. This is possibly
a necessary precondition to resolving the conflict.  I commend you for
trying to do something tangible to make a substantive contribution
toward getting both sides to move from a framework of antagonism to
one of mutual acceptance.
Kenneth Knoppow
Lathrup Village, MI

A wonderful idea. Something to be the container for POSTIVE energy,
our hopes, what we know CAN HAPPEN. Thank you.
Judy Glaser
Amherst, MA

The good people in all parts of the world are mostly ignored unless
they organise themselves into masses. So we have no choice,
because it shouldn't be for the lack of trying.
Iman Heystek
Amsterdam, The  Netherlands